Primary Color Music

General Mills

Dear General Mills associates,

We would love the opportunity to collaborate and wow you with our tunes.

First though, we’ll give you a lil bite of our product line to see if you like the flavors we’re cooking with (OK, enough puns - sorry!).

We have enjoyed the experience of creating music for roughly 50 Wendy’s commercials, including a Superbowl spot…

and a goofy 90’s throwback.

We have worked with brands in the cerealm (cereal + realm…?),

and other food/drink brands from around the world (like the launch for Coca-Cola’s first ever alcoholic beverage - Lemondo in Japan!).

But don’t mistake us for food-junkies just because we’re from Kansas and might be a lil heavy set.

We also work with active sports brands like Puma…

and Reebok…

and… Japan’s Dynamite Boat Race? (Your guess is as good as ours on this one - but it sure was fun!)

We’re not ones to quickly name-drop, but… who are we kidding, yes we are. A couple other big names we’ve worked with are Microsoft…

and you may have heard of… Mick… Donald’s?

Lastly, for those of you bored with commercials, please enjoy this short film we scored - more of a cinematic example of our work - for Leica…

We hope this quick tour has stimulated your palette for hearty collaborations with us.

We’re excited for the opportunity to chat with you, should you have any questions about our creative process, etc.

Thank you for your time!

One love, three colors.


Sam Billen + the entire Primary Color Music team