Primary Color Music


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Primary Color Music is a creative music house based in the heart of America and the soul of Japan.


We work with clients around the globe in all things audio, including custom music, mixing, sonic branding, and more.


We’re a small team of friends and family, always looking to expand with other creative people.





NOTE: This position is for someone living in Japan & requires some knowledge of advertising, production, and music industries.


  • Project Management (60%)

    • Managing production by working with both the client and composing team

    • Budget discussion and negotiation with clients

  • Client Engagement / Sales (40%)

    • Maintain relationships with current clients in Japan (mainly Tokyo & Fukuoka)

    • Attend industry-based social gatherings

    • Grow the PCM reach in Japan/Asia by visiting new clients, giving screenings, etc.


  • Experience working in music, advertising, or production (3 years or more preferred, but not required)

  • Ability to work well with different types of people

  • Ability to problem solve in high-pressure situations

  • Working knowledge of Japanese and English languages (full proficiency preferred, but not required)

  • Well-organized

  • Residing in Japan with the ability to take meetings in Tokyo often


[US] New Biz Development / Sales Rep

NOTE: This position is commission-based by default, but holds the possibility of a base salary and benefits down the road.


  • New Business Development

    • Researching new potential creative collaborators / clients

    • Reaching out to current and potential clients regularly

    • Corresponding with clients about upcoming projects

    • Budget discussion and negotiation with clients


  • A ‘people person’ - ability to work well with different types of people

  • An understanding of the music-in-advertising industry

  • A good understanding of how Primary Color Music works creatively and professionally



We’re always open to chatting with composers about joining our roster. Please send us some info about yourself as well as links to your previous work (commercial and non-commercial are OK!).

Anything else?

Don’t see a position above that fits you, but you still think you’re a good fit for PCM? Shoot us an e-mail and let us know a bit about yourself!