Primary Color Music


Dearest Dairy Queeners,

It’s been a grip. The advertising world is a fickle and relentless harlot. It takes old friends and turns them into old-friends-that-haven’t-worked-together-in-years.

I personally think the obvious fix is… to make a private presentation for you guyz and take you down memory lane. If our quick wits and charm aren’t enough to keep us continuously collaborating, maybe an old pull on the ad-stolgia heartstrings will do the trick. Buckle up (or just stop reading and close this page now - lolz) - here we go!

¿ɔıssɐlɔ uǝǝnb ʎɹıɐp sıɥʇ ɹoɟ dn pǝɯɐǝʇ ǝʍ uǝɥʍ ɹǝqɯǝɯǝɹ

…or the time we made that Guardians of the Galaxy mix tape 70’s soundtrack experimental music sweepstakes tape music?

…or how about the first time we ever worked together (like… 10 years ago?),

…and this isn’t even mentioning the time Sam woke up at 5am to record a song for Tommy D’s 8am pitch on the ‘S’more song’, the single-chord ‘Western Burger’ spot, or the MonoTasker 80’s hair ballad. You can’t make this stuff up! (But you guys actually did!)

We’re always looking for new ways to collaborate with you - not sure a dumb stunt like this will work, but we want you to at least know we’re thinking about you - and we’re thankful for all the opportunities to work together in the past - and excited about more opportunities in the future.

Three colors, one love.


Sam + the entire Primary Color Music team