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Dear Colleagues at Signal Theory,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me yesterday. The gas leak, the move to Espresso dé GoGö because of the full house at Scooters, the listening session on my laptop speakers - truly a day to remember.


I know you may not have been able to hear me over the wind and cars rushing by, so I’ll give it one more go via a random private page on our website (#lolz?).

In case you want to watch the reel I showed yesterday on your OWN laptop speakers (or better yet, maybe some headphones?), here it is one more time!


Our company, Primary Color Music, primarily composes custom music for ads. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Our team also scores films. We also have a searchable music library. We also mix and do sound design. The point I’m longwindedly making is that we do all things audio and we hope to work with you - soon and often!

I love the evolution of SHS into Signal Theory and I genuinely hope we can be part of y’alls future.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or my colleague Ryan, pictured and e-mail linqued below, anytime! Even if it’s just a simple question about ‘audio’, we are your doods!


Thank you again for braving the cold Wichita winds of East Douglas Avenue with me.

Hope to talk to you all again soon!

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Sam Billen + the entire Primary Color Music team